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    Bank Account Change Form

    To change your service bank account, fill out the Bank Account Change Form and fax to either number listed. Please include a voided check or a bank letter confirming the details of the account.

    Re-debit Exception Request

    Follow instructions on form to allow processing of future debit(s) to a consumer’s account which had previously returned for reasons other than R01 (NSF) or R09 (Uncollected Funds).
    Previous R02 (Closed Account), R03 (No Account), and R04 (Invalid Account) returns may not be re-debited.

    ** Please Note: If you have a signed agreement dated after an unauthorized return, you can send in a completed Re-Debit Exception Request Form along with the new agreement prior to submitting the subsequent ACH transaction(s). **

    Return and NOC Codes

    Printable list of most commonly used Return and NOC codes.

    VeriTrac Information

    Benefits and Definitions of Replies.