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    Q: My account was debited for a return, but I cannot locate the return on my report, what should I do?

    A: The debit to your account is for a late return that has already been paid to you. In most cases, you can find the late return on the Return Detail Report from the previous banking day. The PDF Return Detail Report has now been modified to show “Late” returns. If you receive a Late (After Settlement) Return, the “Late” column on the Return Detail Report will display a ‘Y’. This ‘Y’ will identify the transaction which returned causing your account to be debited.

    Q: Can I split payments?

    A: No. If, for example, a debit for $100 returns NSF you cannot reinitiate that $100 debit as two debits of $50 each. You must re-initiate that debit for $100, as stated by the NACHA Rules.